How to Remove Highlightly

Commonly, Highlightly adware is wrongly perceived as a browser virus, because it’s installed with all sorts of no cost apps. Actually, this specific browser extension isn’t malicious. The basic aim of Highlightly is to help users to search faster and usually also to demonstrate pop-up windows with special offers in various browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer or, perhaps, Google Chrome. Lots of users don’t suppose that this browser add-on is harmful and frustrating, for it’s valuable for online shopping. On the other hand, it can waste on-line traffic, slow down internet speed and it is able to collect information regarding the users’ browsing practice and share it with many advertisers, that is certainly disturbance of the user’s privacy. If you want to remove Highlightly immediately, then you can use the removal methods from this article.

Because Highlightly comes in conjunction with most of free computer programs and also viruses, so it can be almost impossible to remove. Yet, we can offer you helpful removal tools that can help you remove all of the undesired browser extensions such as Highlightly. So, you can to use Highlightly Removal Tool, Virus Removal Tool or SpyHunter, because these programs are effective tools that provide real defense against diverse adware programs. Here you will find a comprehensive manual intended to help you how you can remove Highlightly manually as well as by downloading an effective spyware and adware removing programs that includes computer virus removal characteristics as well as cost-free online customer support.

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What is Highlightly?

This type of browser add-on was made as a helpful add-on for online search, because it lets users to find the information on the web or in the Wikipedia not leaving the web page that you were reading previously. Just highlight the phrase that you want to use as a search request and use the results. Additionally, it helps to generate profits out of computer users’ visits to the advertised commercials (the program is ad-supported).

remove Highlightly

Though this particular browser extensions doesn’t include viral registry entries, but it might spend paid download speed. Therefore, if you are worried about your own security and privacy, uninstalling Highlightly is crucial. In order to avoid the hidden infection of malicious software into your computer, it is recommended to be intent while installing no cost apps, simply because this is the frequent origin of adware. All malicious programs are installed with the help of other malware. Disappointingly, plenty of them are often difficult to remove. In other words, it’s better stopping the invasion of spyware and adware than deleting it. Anytime installing cost-free downloads remove the checkboxes possessing any sort of adware.

Highlightly Removing Computer Programs

Highlightly ads could be eliminated manually, yet to do that it is important possessing particular extensive experience. In reality, getting rid of this adware is less difficult than managing its search and rootkits that typically can be caused by adware. In order to make Highlightly adware removing procedure less difficult, it is suggested to get Highlightly removal software. As a result of installing this particular software you can scan for viruses your computer from many hidden computer infections. Our clients are provided with a professional on-line support in addition to no cost support.

Highlightly Removal Tool:

Downloading Highlightly Removal Tool from this page you can be assured that this program will absolutely delete Highlightly, for it was developed for this activity. You will not have any incomprehension, using this removal utility, because its interface is user-friendly. You can scan the system with this tool and it will remove all the traces of Highlightly from your system and it will likewise set the default browser settings in order to clear your browser from the unwanted browser extensions.

remove Highlightly with Spyhunter

Manual Highlightly Removal

To remove lHighlighty manually it is recommended to delete Highlightly files. Just after listed below manual removal guide you should run a scan your system for malicious objects. It will allow you to get rid of other installed viral programs the personal computer could be infected with.

Uninstall Highlightly from your computer.

  1. Click Start button, and then select Control Panel.
  2. Make a double click on Programs and Features (for those who have Vista or Windows 7), or alternatively Add or Remove Programs for other sorts of OS’s.
  3. Examine the installed programs list, select Highlightly Ads and then click Uninstall.
  4. It’s also essential to find and then uninstall other types of adware.

Remove Highlightly from Internet Explorer

  1. With intention to find Tools in the top menu start your IE.
  2. Select Manage add-ons.
  3. Click Toolbars and Extensions. Next search for Highlightly ads along with other adware.
  4. Choose undesired adware and click Disable.
  5. Restart the Internet Explorer.

Eliminate Highlightly From Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox. Click on Tools and click Addons.
  2. Then select Extensions.
  3. Find adware then right-click it.
  4. Click Remove.
  5. In order to complete the removal procedure you should reboot the Firefox browser.

Remove Highlightly Adware From Google Chrome

  1. Start Google Chrome. On the upper-right part of the browser find Wrench icon.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Find Extensions, and then uninstall Highlightly Adware
  4. Reboot your browswer.

The second manual method to remove Highlightly

Do not forget that manual Highlightly removal is a very difficult and dangerous action that should not be executed by the users who do not have enough experience in computer repair.

  1. Remove the following files:

    • C:\Program Files\Highlightly\Chrome\cmclajginlihohopoeofghddnhpplhom.crx
    • C:\Program Files\Highlightly\FireFox\
    • C:\Program Files\Highlightly\IE\HighlightlyClientIE.dll
    • C:\Program Files\Highlightly\Service\hlsvc.exe
    • C:\Program Files\Highlightly\terms-of-service.rtf
    • C:\Program Files\Highlightly\Uninstall.exe
    • C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\hlnfd.sys
  2. Eliminate the listed below folder:
    • %PROGRAMFILES%\Highlightly\
  3. Eliminate itemized Registry Keys and Values using Registry Editor:
    • SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\Extensions\cmclajginlihohopoeofghddnhpplhom
    • SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{83F2328D-0D6A-42B4-B0C4-02A929EDD4BE}
    • SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Highlightly
    • SOFTWARE\Highlightly

It’s significant to realize that manual Highlightly removal typically takes much time. So, if you are tight on spare time it’s much better to run effective Highlightly removing program. In addition to removing Highlightly, this kind of computer program will scan your system for computer threats to eliminate other viral applications.

Complete Highlightly Removal

It is significant to understand Highlightly is usually distributed together with all kinds of other viral software that are generally used by internet criminals for the illegal access to of the system in order to track your internet behavior and then applying this information for performing different frauds.

But eliminating Highlightly isn’t just enough. It’s also significant to scan the PC for viruses with effective antivirus software that you’ll be able to get simply by downloading Highlightly Removal Tool or other programs from this article.

Author of the review: Alesya Orlova

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